The HOPES training programme

Research has indicated that outside help can be hard to accept for many older people living with poor mental health or experiencing memory difficulties. Specialist support workers have the potential to have significant impacts in helping this group of people however our previous research suggests these professionals do not get adequate opportunities to share knowledge, strategies and skills between themselves. When training is available, our findings suggest that it is often unsuitable for this group of workers as it is either too basic and does not account for their specialist knowledge from their experience in mental health work; or else too advanced as it expects them to have professional qualifications. 

HOPES 2 is a five module training course designed to enhance specialist support worker knowledge and confidence of working with older people with mental health needs. Drawing on reflective practice and peer-to-peer learning the course encourages the sharing of best practice in a supportive and encouraging environment of peers. 

faviconModule 1 – introduces the course, providing an overview of HOPES aims, modules and the evidence based style of learning. It examines some of the key principles of support work with people not suited to usual care provision.  It also introduces learners to the key concepts of reflective practice. 

faviconModule 2 – focuses on the concept of building trust by identifying and providing examples of steps to gain trust such as finding shared goals. This session also introduces the concept of untruths exploring an ethical framework for using this approach. 

faviconModule 3 – considers the framing of care and looks at strategies for altering the narratives of accessing care. The session includes a video of Brian an older person who has been bereaved, describing his experiences, to prompt discussion of ways to reframe care.

faviconModule 4 – centres on building bridges to other support, working with families and other community services. Complex family dynamics and the need to support carers in their roles are explored. 

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Testimonial from HOPES learner Helen Bradbury